We were alarmed earlier this year when we heard Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Group (CCCG) had decided to discontinue running blood clinics at the hospital.  Our patients would have had to go to Amersham, High Wycombe or Stoke Mandeville Hospital for blood tests.

The League and the hospital staff “rallied the troops”, contacting local groups, Councillors, the local libraries, VOPAG, and our two local MPs (both of whom supported us), asking them to help our campaign to prevent this happening. The League wrote directly to the CCCG and the Chiltern Healthcare Trust to plead our case. Our case was rejected at first but after a time to consider our continued pressure and our supporters representations, the CCCG changed their plans; the clinics will continue to run at the hospital (on two mornings instead of four.)

We had a wonderful response and are grateful for everybody’s efforts. Thank you.